What Others Have to Say


“I worked closely with Sheryl for 7 years as Content Marketing Leads and can attest to her excellent writing abilities. Sheryl is uniquely skilled at tailoring her writing style to match an array of brand voices. Whether she’s creating content for the automotive, finance, healthcare or e-commerce sectors – she ensures client satisfaction and produces content that is backed by deep, thorough research. Sheryl is a natural multi-tasker and can handle many diverse projects and assignments with ease – always being mindful that deliverables go out on time. Her attention to detail makes her an excellent editor and proofreader. You can be sure that every sentence written by Sheryl has been penned or typed with thoughtfulness and purpose.”

-Britt DeJohn, Director of Product Marketing at SpinCar®

“I spent 5 years working closely with Sheryl on various e-commerce projects. She regularly balanced editorial duties with project management tasks, always maintaining the attention to detail that made her a valued member of any team she joined. Sheryl also proved herself to be very adept at developing team members, with the ability to both conceptualize training programs and work directly with trainees within the frameworks she helped establish.”

-Steven Nelson, Operations Associate at AdviceOne Financial Services

“Sheryl was my editor for over three years. Not only does she have a keen eye for detail, but she provides wonderful feedback and guidance. She’s great at training new writers, as she has the patience required to help build someone’s skills.”

-Kate Brady, Director of Content Marketing at StorySlab

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