Collection Page/Product Listing Page (PLP) Copy

Did you know that product listing pages account for 50% of all e-commerce traffic? There’s a good reason for this.

Buyers often know the type of item they’re looking for, but not the exact item they want to buy. This makes it logical for buyers to start on a product listing page.

There are many, many parts to an optimized product listing page, and one of them is optimized copy.

Creating standout product listing page copy is primarily about two things: using the right keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) and crafting copy that enhances the user experience (UX). The copy should help your potential customers find your page and help them find what they’re looking for once they get there.

What Can You Expect When You Buy Product Listing Page Copy from Davis Content Solutions LLC?

When you buy product listing page copy from me, you get copy that naturally incorporates keywords – no keyword stuffing. You also get copy with links that allow shoppers to move through the buyer’s journey with ease. Whether it’s a buying guide or a related collection page, your visitors will see more reasons to stay on your website.

Your quote for product listing page copy will depend on the volume of pages to be written, your desired word count, and whether you require keyword research or already have keywords you would like used in the copy.

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