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Making a good first impression with website copywriting services

Is Your Website Making a Great First Impression?

How many times have you come across a website only to be turned off by terrible copy that leaves you guessing about the company’s products or services?

We’ve all experienced this.

It doesn’t take long for us to leave a bad website and find one that makes it easy to find the information we’re seeking.

In fact, it’s estimated that a webpage only has about 10 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention.

If you don’t want your website to be the one people abandon, it’s time to get clear, compelling content that keeps visitors interested in doing business with you.

Does Your Website Speak to Your Ideal Customer?

You might think your website should be all about your product or service (like a flyer or brochure), but it should actually focus on your customers first.

Great website copy immediately lets visitors know that you understand what they need. It makes a connection, and it speaks about your products or services in a way that compels visitors to stay interested in what you’re offering.

What Can You Expect When You Buy Website Copywriting Services from Davis Content Solutions LLC?

I start by getting to know your ideal customers. With your buyer persona in hand, I can step into your customers’ shoes, understand their challenges and help them quickly see why your business is the right solution to their problem.

Don’t have a formal buyer persona? You might be closer to having one than you think. I can often get an understanding of your ideal customers just by having a conversation with you.

I will also want to know what makes you different. The customer may come first, but your website is meant to be the beginning of a relationship, which means your soon-to-be customers need to get to know who you are, too.

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