Product Copy and Marketing Content for Businesses

When you wake up in the morning and look at your to-do list, is it a mile long – and always growing? You have a lot on your mind and a lot to do in order to run and grow your business. With customers to serve, invoices to pay, and more, creating compelling marketing content can easily fall to the bottom of your task list, even though you know it has the potential to help your business grow.

That’s where I can help. My name is Sheryl Davis, and I write marketing content that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs attract website visitors, generate and nurture leads, and retain loyal customers.

I’ve been a writer and editor for nearly 20 years and have experience in politics, retail product pages, and content marketing for a wide range of industries, including home goods, interior design, automotive, and recruiting. I can help you create marketing content that resonates with your audience – so you can focus on building your business.

Learn more about why I’m the writer for you.